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Starfleet science officer. Member of the Cumbercollective. I hunt the supernatural with Sam and Dean. Hiddlestoner. I solve crimes with Sherlock and John. Studied at Hogwarts. I write novels with Richard Castle.

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Everytime i go in public

me: why is everyone glancing at me
me: is there something on me
me: do i look extra ugly today
me: is it my face
me: they're laughing at me on the inside
me: they all hate me
me: they're plotting my death
me: guess what i don't like any of you


if you ever feel unimportant or forgotten or like you do too little for anyone to ever notice you

just remember that tens of thousands of people are currently passing around fanart and gifsets based on a non-speaking character we saw for ten seconds riding a tractor



I’d watch either of those. No lie. 
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can the upcoming spinoff from supernatural be about the tractor angel?



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Draw a stickman and the story will start: http://www.drawastickman.com/episode1
Toilet Paper Roll: http://www.papertoilet.com/


"Wait, are we still talking about Sam? Or did you break up with someone too?"

"What?? No!"

*cough* BENNY *cough cough*




i wish feelings left when a person does.

the notes deer god


you called